Interactive sound & light installation - 2015
Totem is an interactive light sculpture that explores modern communication through light and sound triggered by real time mobile phone signals.

  Binary Woodwork
A time based Light installation - 2014
Commissioned by Canary Wharf PLC for theWinter Lights Festival 2014-2015, Binary Woodwork is' real time' Binary clock made up by an avenue of trees each with an LED spotlight at it's base, thus conveting each tree into a digit within the binary clock.


Circle of Life
A time based Light installation - 2013
Commissioned by Illuminating York 2013 for Spark, Circle of Life is a celebration of life through the medium of light. Individual spotlights placed at the base of a tree truck are sequenced to fade so as to have the trees appear to grow and fade with life.


35mm DNA
Mixed media light sculpture - 2012
A mixed media sculpture, made of various rolls of 35mm photographic film. On each individual frame is a candid shot of someone on a street going about their daily business; whether they be on their way to a meeting, doing a spot of tourism or simply biding their time.


French Fish
A video composition- 2011
A short video created with the idea to evoke feelings of hope and harmony in those that view it.


TV Words
A video composition- 2011
A silent video loop. Created in response to the current trends in television with the hope that viewers may associate the adjectives with their favorite TV shows.


Illuminated Canvas
An interactive light installation- 2009
Illuminated canvas works by proximity to the piece. As a person moves within the sensory ranges of the piece responds with changes in colour.


Stop, Relax
A video composition- 2009
Stop, Relax is a silent video loop. Created to prompt viewers to question the speed at which many of them live their lives.


Kinetic Pixels
An interactive Light installation - 2009
Kinetic Pixels is an interactive light installation, positioned between the pews and triggered as people pass through an area covered by a miniature hidden video camera.


A time based Light installation - 2009
Moondial is an external light installation to the bell tower of Holy Trinity Church, Tattershall designed to accentuate the tower and clock face as well as draw attention to the church during the nights of the exhibition.


A Wall of Mirrors
An interactive video installation - 2009
A wall of mirrors brings the interplay of the 'Hall of Mirrors' commonly found at fun-fairs into the digital age, by replacing the traditional mirrors with computers, cameras and projectors.


Windows Festival
An group video installation - 2009
Windows Festival is a group installation of video art and digital stills shown on TV screens and back projected through windows of an apartment block in Belfast.


A Dirty Story
A video composition - 2009
A Dirty story is a video narrative that depicts some of humanities uglier sides interlaced with images of future and hope with a sound track by London band Carnival of Souls'.


The Colour of Glass
A temporary lighting installation - 2008
Commissioned by the Void Gallery, Derry as part of the White Light Festival, The Colour of Glass was an installation of LED lights placed behind the stained glass of The Guildhall Derry and programmed to gently change through a range of colours.


Digital Stage
A photographic portfolio - 2002
'A digital stage' is comprised of twelve digitally reworked photographs. These images have been worked on in order to highlight the single moment that they were captured.


The Main Players
A video composition - 2001
Made to commemorate Blues 'N' Trouble on their 20th anniversary of playing live. The images are taken from Blues 2000, a festival the previous year that saw many of the great blues musicians perform.


A video composition - 2000
'Dreams' is a digital composition of stills and video, the aim of which is to depict the fantasies of others, namely sex, fame and wealth.



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