A Dirty Story

7' 18" Video composition


A dirty story offers a moving image portrayal of some of the darker sides of humanity as it passes through the ages, with occasional moment of hope.

As we read on an almost daily basis of the harm and suffering in the world, it sometimes seems hard to see the hope that lies beneath such suffering. The imagery of 'A dirty story' reflects this by suggestively taking us to some of those moments in history where man has possibly been at their worst. From the early days of civilization where Viking and Pagan roamed the lands through the two great wars to the our current age, children and family have always been held as figureheads of hope and salvation.

With this piece I hope to evoke some of those feelings of hope by interlacing images of childhood and family in amongst one of desolation and war while accompanying it with the memorizing soundtrack of the aptly titled 'Carnival of Souls'.

Exhibition / Screening

re-new, Copenhagen, Denmark May '09

Take Two, Nottingham, England May '09


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