Developed from a background as a lighting and video designer within the entertainment industry, I have transferred much of what I have learned and developed within the more commercial realm of lighting and video design and blended these techniques such as signal protocol, interactivity and numerous light sources, to create innovative and engaging artworks.

As contemporary culture becomes increasingly immersed in 'virtualisation' I consider how this comes to pass.

In particular my work aims to occasionally question some of these dependencies by investigating the connections between imagery, digital manipulation and electronic surveillance, allowing participants to interact with methods that have by now become so common place; such as with the click of a mouse and use of a simple keyboard. In this way the viewer may interact with the pieces - from an office building that allows for the ability to alter the colour of its facade by way of a web interface to a video narrative that depicts some of humanities uglier sides interlaced with images of future and hope.

Through my artwork I seek to undermine the familiar and the recognisable – altering these seemingly new natural dynamics of the world by exploiting its relationship with interfaces and representational systems in contemporary electronic media. My work utilises the dynamic possibilities offered by contemporary physical-digital systems and in so doing produces cutting edge interactive video and light installations as well as more traditional video and photographic pieces.

It is my intention not only to create artworks by bridging commercially based tools and products with a conceptual virtual world, but also to provide a structure within which to promote the techniques involved so that they may be pirated, cut and pasted to form new artworks with new possibilities.



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