TV Words

1' 28" Video Loop

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TV Words is a silent video loop. Created in response to the current trends in television with the hope that viewers may associate the adjectives with their favorite TV shows.

This piece was designed to be played / projected within large public spaces where it might gain the maximum 'unintentional' attention from passers by as they go about their daily lives.

Digitally produced, Words is created from three short loops styled from various TV shows; Soap Opera, Talent Shows and Reality TV. Each loop is made out from a number of adjectives associated to the relevant TV show seemingly streaming out from screen. Between each loop the screen goes 'fuzzy' with 'TV snow' signifying the change of channel / interest from one show to the next.

In a world where the obsession with celebrity seems to be constantly on the increase and we find ourselves almost entirely surrounded by screens and media. TV Words is designed to prompt people to take more notice of the imagery that surrounds them. By way of giving the work a slightly cryptic styling it is hoped that people will find added interest in associating the simple puzzle of words to their respective TV shows.

Exhibition / Screening

Mamuska @ Back Loft, Dublin, Ireland - April '11



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