Stop, Relax

1' 06" Video loop


Stop Relax is a silent video loop. Created to prompt viewers to question the speed at which many people live their lives.

This piece was designed to be played / projected within large public spaces where it might gain the maximum 'unintentional' attention from passers by while going about their daily lives.

Digitally produced, Stop, Relax blends an assortment of digital video clips and stills, each subjective of one of three titles; Stop, Relax, Why the Rush. While at the same time all are thought to be eye-catching enough to gain the attention of a busy public as they pass by.

It is a well documented fact that our pace of life is continually increasing as more and more emphasis is put on people to 'maximize their output' or 'increase their productivity'. As with anything these goals are of course obtainable albeit at a price, this price is often the failure to note your surroundings. The idea behind 'Stop, Relax' is to take a moment each day to stop, relax and take in your surroundings, perhaps even marvel at the achievements that are all around you.


Exhibition / Screening

Projected Weekends, Digital Hub, Dublin, Ireland January '10

Leeds Civic Hall, Light Night Leeds, England October '09




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