35mm DNA

A mixed media light sculpture


35mm DNA is a mixed media sculpture, made of various rolls of 35mm photographic film. On each individual frame is a candid shot of someone on a street going about their daily business; whether they be on their way to a meeting, doing a spot of tourism or simply biding their time.

The piece is made of eight rolls of 36 exposure films, whereby paris are twisted into a double helix so as to resemble the shape of human DNA. Of these four columns, one is made from black and white negative film, one colour negative, one colour reversal (transparency) with an orange tint and one colour reversal backed with white electric luminescent tape, as if the whole column is backlit.

It is a given that everyone has their own unique outlook on the world and this is very much part of our own individuality, however sometimes this unique outlook can have negative ends. It is from this that 35mm DNA was conceived. It is hoped that it might evoke a form of criticism of oneself when viewed. With each of the columns representing a different outlook (black and white, sepia, tinted orange and bright full colour) on how we sometimes look upon our fellow man. So that perhaps those that have a tainted / distorted view of those around them may consider what should be done to resolve this within themselves.



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