Illuminated Canvas

An interactive light installation


Illuminated canvas is a three dimensional, interactive light installation. The interaction with illuminated canvas works via proximity to the piece. As a person moves within the sensory range of the piece so the colour changes accordingly.

This is achieved by an infra-red proximity sensors (which continually measure the distance to the nearest object in front of it) positioned within the 'canvas'. Around the perimeter of the 'canvas' are a number RGB LED (red, green, blue light emitting diode) evenly spaced. The LED and proximity sensors are all linked with circuity on the back of the 'canvas' to a micro processor which is programmed to control each set of LED (red, green or blue) depending on the readings received from the sensor. The 'canvas' itself is made from an opalescent perspex panel positioned over the LED so as to diffuse their light output. In this way when the LED are active they create a wash of colour across 'canvas' rather than simply lighting up the perimeter.




Level 39, Canary Wharf, London, England Currently

The 500, The Village Underground, London Sept '12

Nord Art, Budelsdorf, Germany June - October '10

Indigo & Cloth (SoGo Fest), Dublin, Ireland April '10

Bom(bh)ouse gallery, Dublin, Ireland November '09




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