Circle of Life

A time based Light installation


A Circle of Life is in short a celebration of life created through the medium of light.

Using a 'family' of a trees as the 'canvas', each tree has an individual narrow beamed light placed at its base. Using automated control, the intensity of each light / tree varies in a way that makes the trees 'grow' and 'shrink' within their family.

At the beginning of the sequence, just two trees (two lights) will be illuminated, with one focused a little higher than the other, representing man and women.
The sequence will the continue with the addition of another tree slowly 'growing' through intensity. This represents the growth of youth, with the increase in intensity highlighting the growth through life. The subsequent addition of 'youthful' trees continues at a staggered rate.

Once the youthful trees have grown and reached 'maturity' (full intensity) they then start to reduce in intensity and stature as if 'fading' in their final years. Once theses trees have faded to black they are then 'reborn' and grow again with a renewed life cycle. In this way the installation is perpetual throughout the hours of operation.

From specific vantage point(s) it appears that the trees within the family are continently growing and fading as though on an accelerated life cycle.


Greys Court, York
Wednesday 30th Ocober - Saturda 2nd November 2013

Commissioned by
Illuminating York 2013 as part of 'Spark'



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