Binary Woodwork

A time based Light installation


This design revolves around the concept of a 'True' binary clock, where lights focused at the foot of a line of trees act as the binary digits.

A binary clock usually works with a line of ten digits represented by ten LED with each LED illuminated and doused in sequence, changing either each second or minute, depending on its accuracy. At any one moment the binary digits (represented by their corresponding LED being illuminated or not) may be added together to give a number representing either seconds, minutes or hours.

In this instance, there will just be minutes and hours. The minutes will have binary digits '32', '16', '8', '4', '2', '1' and hours, '8', '4', '2', '1'. So for instance 9.35 would have binary digits 8 and 1 for hours and 32, 2 and 1 for minutes. Instead of using LED to represent each of the binary digits, individual coloured lights will be focused up each of ten trees in a line with an eleventh light between the hour and minutes lights to separate, them as with a digital watch. The whole system will then run in sequence and will actually tell the time at any given moment.


Montgomery Square, Canary Wharf, London
5th - 30th January 2015
4pm to Midnight Nightly

Commissioned by
Canary Wharf PLC



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