Past Exhibitions

Listed in chronological order

  Totem Crossrail, Canary Wharf, London - September '15 England
  Binary Woodwork Montgomery Sq., Canary Wharf, London - Jan '15 England
  Illuminated Canvas Level 39, Canary Wharf, London - May '14 - Ongoing England
  A Dirty Story / French Fish V.A.P.I.D Le Cat Salon, Dublin - Dec '13 Ireland
  Circle of life Spark, Illuminating York, -Nov '13 England
  Lighting Design Images See Me, New York - July '13 USA
  Scenic Design Paper sCene Design, Novi Sad - Dec '12 Serbia
  Illuminated Canvas The 500 Festival, London - Oct '12 England
  Wall of Mirrors Mamuska, Le Cat Salon, Dublin - Sept '12 Ireland
  Wall of Mirrors Figment, Jackson - May '11 USA
  TV Words Mamuska, Le Cat Salon, Dublin - April '11 Ireland
  Wall of Mirrors NewMedia, Camarines Norte - Feb '11 Philippines
  Dirty Story Cutting Room, Playhouse, Nottingham - Nov '10 England
  Wall of Mirrors Roadside Attraction, Toronto - Nov '10 Canada
  Stop, Relax GIGUK, Giessen - Oct '10 Germany
  Illuminated Canvas Nord Art, Budelsdorf - July - Oct '10 Germany
  Illuminated Canvas SoGo Festival, Dublin - May '10 Ireland
  Stop Relax Projected Weekends, Dublin - Jan '10 Ireland
  Illuminated Canvas BombHouse Gallery, Dublin - Nov '09 Ireland
  Stop Relax Light Night, Leeds - Oct '09 England
  Kinetic Pixels SITU, Tattershall, Lincolnshire - Aug '09 England
  Moondial SITU, Tattershall, Lincolnshire - Aug '09 England
  Dirty Story Take Two, Nottingham - May '09 England
  Various Video Works Windows Festival, Belfast - April '09 N. Ireland
  Dirty Story Re-New, Copenhagen - Feb '09 Denmark
  Colour of Glass White Light Festival, Derry - Nov '08 N. Ireland
  Main Players Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh - Jun ' 01 Scotland

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