Bitone collective is a mixed-media collective of artists, designers and technicians working at the intersection of technology and contemporary arts practice. Based in Dublin, Bitone draws on the varying backgrounds of its members in installation art, lighting, sound art, video art and interaction design to create pieces that exist at the nexus of audio visual and physical interaction. The current collective is formed from Raoul Simpson, Chris Le Dantec, Brian Kenny and Tom O'Dea. Previous projects from the members include Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival, Drop Everything, Offset, Illuminating York, Galway Arts Festival and Nord Art amongst many more. The Bitone members' backgrounds not only as artists, but also as technicians has seen the members engage in large scale commercial projects from music festivals to commissions for global brands and gives the group a broad experience in project delivery and planning.
Each member works across a number of disciplines but brings a number of specialisms to the collective;

Raoul Simpson – Lighting Designer and Artist who works at the forefront of lighting technology and production in the entertainment industry. His work has been widely exhibited globally in both large-scale outdoor and contemporary art settings.

Chris Le Dantec – Sound engineer, composer and experimental producer working at the edge of contemporary production and composition. A classically trained sound engineer, he has worked with contemporary music research centres such as GMEM, IRCAM & GRM where his work focussed on three dimensional audio spatialisation.

Brian Kenny – Video Artist and Projection Mapping specialist who's work focuses on the transformation of environments through the manipulation of lighting and video technology. His video and projection mapping work spans all formats of presentation from contemporary galleries to large-scale outdoor productions.

Tom O'Dea – Artist and Designer working across media to explore the impacts of technology on contemporary society. Currently a researcher at Connect, his work is divided between contemporary galleries and public installation.



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